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Snack Box G:
ID: 110G

Quantity Discounts
 100-250  $3.82 ea.
 300-450  $3.49 ea.
 500-950  $3.23 ea.
 1000-4950  $3.15 ea.
 5000+  $2.94 ea.

Reel in your profits with this eye-catching, sturdy display box. This display box works like a vending machine on the honor system. It is engineered to hold 100 items of chips, candy bars, cookies, and snacks. Place the snack box in an office, lunch room, reception area, etc. and the customer picks a snack and deposits the money in the coin box.

  • red and blue printing on mottled white
  • 11" x 24" (approx) to fit in a file drawer for over-night locked storage

The simple start-up cost is so low, you can get back your initial investment in less than one month!

Coin Box and Dividers sold separately


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